Here is what a few of our clients have to say about Music-Tech . . .

"Music-Tech has been one of my primary music suppliers for the past 25 years.  The quality of work is fantastic and their prices are competitive, or better in some cases...In many cases, small repairs are done on the spot and at no, or minimal charge...I have found Ed Ould to be an exceptional professional who runs a first class organization and I strongly endorse them."

TDSB High School Band Teacher


"I am very pleased with the excellent repair service and reasonable repair rates. Our band instruments are returned weekly in a timely fashion by Roy or Ed from Music-Tech...It is also nice to know that Ed Ould and Roy are also musicians and they are knowledgeable when it comes to solving all the common repair issues..."

TDSB High School Band Teacher


"Ed and the repair team at Music-Tech Services have always delivered top notch results for me...I have sent them countless "lost causes" that they have miraculously pulled from the brink of the "junk pile" and restored to functionality for the classroom. The quality of their repairs is consistently high, and the cost is reasonable and fair...In all, I have been highly satisfied with my relationship with Music-Tech Services over the past 10+ years, and wouldn't go anywhere else for top quality repair work - I even send my OWN personal instrument to them!"

TCDSB High School Band Teacher


"Music-Tech has provided prompt, courteous and thorough instrument repair service to my school for many years.  They also provide coaching to the music teachers on how to make simple repairs ourselves, saving our school money!..."

TDSB  High School Band Teacher


"Music-Tech is an excellent company and the only company that I use for my instrument repair needs. They are professional, fair in their pricing and willing to fix any jobs that are small, on the spot..."

TDSB Middle School Band Teacher


"…Music-Tech is a company that I have worked with for 11 years.  During that time I have found their repairs to be of excellent quality for a reasonable cost… Of all the vendors that I have dealt with they are by far the most reliable.”

TDSB High School Band Teacher


"Ed Ould and Music-Tech are my #1 repair and supply company. They are prompt with pick up and repair of instruments. Instruments don't leave the school without the technician looking at the problem and if it can be fixed on the spot, it will be. Their prices are fair and reasonable according to the work that needs to be done and all repairs are of top notch quality."

TDSB High School Band Teacher


"...Having a rapport with the service provider is very important.  I have found that every staff member I've dealt with, whether in person or on the phone, has been very knowledgeable and helpful...The greatest aspect of Music-Tech's service is the consistent pick up and delivery system they use.  I always know when an instrument will be leaving and returned.  It is always returned the next week...”

TDSB Elementary School Band Teacher


"Music-Tech is the best instrument repair company I have ever found. The costs are reasonable, sometimes a bargain, and the quality of workmanship is excellent...Whenever I have asked advice on the wisdom of making a repair on a very old instrument, I have always been told whether it is worth it to repair the instrument or not...My favourite aspect of this company is that, if only a minor repair is required and can be done on the spot, the repairman will do so at no charge and the instrument doesn't even have to leave the building!...I have tried other companies and none measure up to Music-Tech. I take my own personal instruments to this company and have recommended it to friends who have been very happy with the quality of work and service. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else."

TDSB High School Band Teacher


"Music-Tech has been doing our repairs for many years. The quality of the repairs is outstanding.  The service provided is incredible...Ed, Lise and their employees are great people who genuinely care about pleasing their customers. It has been a pleasure working with them."

TDSB High School Band Teacher (retired)